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What should I do if there is moss growing on tree branches?

What should I do if there is moss growing on tree branches?

Do you know the reasons contributing to the moss growth on tree branches? The first reason could be environmental factors, including dense planting of fruit trees, extensive shading of branches and leaves, high humidity in the orchard, poor ventilation, limited light penetration, and excessive soil moisture.

Additionally, excessive use of foliar fertilizers, especially those with high acidity, can lead to moss growth on tree branches and spread to leaves and fruits.

Lastly, tree vigor plays a role. Weak tree vigor and old age can result in the aging of the root system and poor stress resistance.

So, how do you mitigate these issues? You can try pruning the plants into smaller, heavily affected branches while leaving most of the larger branches intact.

Furthermore, purchase an iron brush from a gardening or hardware store and use it to scrub the moss off the larger branches.

Finally, you may use Mr Ganick Bamboosa Extract or Mr Ganick Cuka Kayu (home use), diluted with 50ml + 1L of water, and spray it on the tree branches with moss. Note that it is advisable to spray only on the tree branches; do not spray on leaves or young branches. Apply once a week, repeating this treatment at least 3 times. If it rains within 3 hours after spraying, repeat the process. It is advisable to spray during the daytime. After approximately 3 treatment sessions, there will be some improvement. The moss will gradually fade and lighten during these 3 sessions.

General usage instruction: 

 Situation For Every Liter of Water
Pest & disease prevention/ Plant booster 2.5ml - 5ml Cuka Kayu
Spray compost & enzyme for fermentation 2.5ml Cuka Kayu
Deodorizer & mosquito repellent  2.5ml Cuka Kayu
Soil detox  20ml - 100ml Cuka Kayu
Small scale weed removal  100ml - 500ml Cuka Kayu


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