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What should I do if my soil has moss growing on it?

What should I do if my soil has moss growing on it?

Generally, moss on the soil does not cause significant harm to plants. If you find moss growing on the soil, it is mainly due to insufficient sunlight and high nitrogen content in the soil. This is especially common during periods of unpredictable weather and rainy seasons. However, moss does not harm the plants, so you can continue gardening without worries! 

As a gardener, here are two approaches you can take. Firstly, ignore it and continue gardening as usual. However, if you find it unsightly, you can turn the moss into the soil, expose it to sunlight, and then control the moisture levels.

Sunlight is undoubtedly an important factor in plant growth! Whenever there is ample sunlight, try to let the soil receive more sunlight and absorb its energy. This will help your plants grow better and stronger!

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