This is what we call “Leaf Traveler – Leaf Miner”. 

How to Get Rid of and Kill Leaf Miners | Trifecta Natural
Leaf Miner


Do you know how are the lines formed on the leaves? It's actually is due to the leaf miner lays its eggs between the leaf surfaces After hatching, the larvae burrow inside the leaves, creating trail-like patterns.

Besides that, leaf miners can be quite damaging to plants, potentially causing poor leaf growth. In severe cases, it can lead to yellowing leaves and leaf drops, and even affect the quality and yield of crops. 

In addition, leaf miners pose a threat to a wide range of crops, including leafy vegetable, melons, fruits and legumes plant. 

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When using, please note to: 

1. Shake the bottle before use.

2. Use it in the morning (avoid using it when hot sun).

3. Apply underneath the leaves or where small insects are present.

⚠️For prevention or mild cases: Apply once a week; For severe cases: Apply once every 3 days. 

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