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Why are there holes in my plant leaves?

Why are there holes in my plant leaves?

Have you ever seen plant leaves full of holes?

To determine the cause of the leaves being bitten, you can observe the surrounding environment and check if there are any traces of small insects or animals. It is recommended to use the following products to protect them!

Are there several insects that love to take small bites on the leaves such as leafhoppers, beetles, moths, or caterpillars. Some leaves may have many small holes while some leaves may be stripped down to nothing but the veins.

Sometimes these insects will leave black excrement dots called “frass” on leaves.

Here is the solution for you to overcome the problem. Mr Ganick Dr Neem is a natural neem oil that helps repel more than 42 types of small insects. 

Dr Neem RTU_square

When using, please note to: 

1. Shake the bottle before use.

2. Use it in the morning (avoid using it when hot sun).

3. Apply underneath the leaves or where small insects are present.

⚠️For prevention or mild cases: Apply once a week; for severe cases: Apply once every 3 days. 

Get the solution now!




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