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What to do when the fruits have blossom-end rot?

What to do when the fruits have blossom-end rot?

When fruits such as tomatoes, eggplants, and pumpkins develop black bottoms, it is usually a physiological disorder caused by a lack of calcium. Calcium is an essential element in the plant’s growth process.

The problem of fruits turning black at the bottom occurs when there is an excess of potassium fertilizer in the soil, excessive use of nitrogen fertilizer, inadequate or excessive water supply, and other factors. 

Here is the solution for you to prevent blossom-end rot on your plants. Mr Ganick 8 in 1 360 Plant Energizer is made from organic ingredients, it contains various plant extracts which helps strengthen and repair plants. It is 100% organic, completely safe and healthy, spray today and harvest tomorrow without any concerns. Just spray on the plant and soil. 

When using, please note to: 

1. Shake the bottle before use.

2. Use it in the morning (avoid using it when hot sun).

3. Spray once a week. It is suitable to spray on the trunk or foliage of the plant.

⚠️For prevention or mild cases: Apply once a week; for severe cases: Apply once every 3 days. 


1. Trim and discard affected fruits to prevent the spread and impact on other fruits.

2. Spray Mr. Ganick 8 in 1 360 Plant Energizer once a week in the morning, contains various micronutrients, including the necessary calcium for plants.

**It is recommended to provide sufficient calcium fertilizer during the plant’s growth period.

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