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Why the leaves are curling outward?

Why the leaves are curling outward?

If you notice the edges of the new leaves curling outward, it is generally a sign that the plant is infected with a virus. There are two main reasons why plants get infected with viruses. First reason could be due to pest infestation. Insects can act as vectors for transmitting viruses. If pest control measures are inadequate, viruses can easily invade through wounds caused by insect feeding. Secondly is nutrient deficiency. Poor nutrition weakens the plant's resistance, making it more susceptible to infections. 

It's recommended to trim off severely affected leaves (retain at least 70% of the plant's foliage). After pruning, spray Mr Ganick Organic Plant Acid to eliminate viruses and aid in plant recovery. Take proactive pest control measures by regularly spraying Mr Ganick Aphid Buster to repel chili pepper pests. 


When using, please note to:

1. Shake the bottle well before use. 

2. Apply in the morning (avoid applying during peak sunlight hours). 

3. It is safe to spray on both leaves and stems. 

⚠️Do not spray the two liquid solutions simultaneously. It is advisable to alternate between them on a weekly basis. 

⚠️For prevention or mild cases: Spray once a week; For severe cases: Spray every three days.

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