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What are the white insects on my plants?

What are the white insects on my plants?

Do your plants exhibit the following symptoms?

🔎 Tiny white things appearing on the underside of leaves

🔎 Accompanied by the presence of many ants

🔎 Leaves turning yellow and wilting

🔎 Found on branches or leaf stems

If so, your plants may have been attacked by "scale insects"! They reproduce rapidly and are difficult to eliminate, primarily appearing on branches or leaf stems. Their excrement, called honeydew, is very sweet and can attract the growth of "sooty mold" and bacteria when it accumulates on fruit skins or leaf surfaces. They are often accompanied by ants because their honeydew is a food source for ants. 

If you have discovered these white insects on your plants, you can start by pruning the affected parts or physically removing them. Then, regularly spray Mr Ganick Scale Terminator to eliminate them. 

When using, please note to: 

1. Shake the bottle well before use.

2. Apply in the morning (avoid applying during peak sunlight hours).

3. Spray on the underside of leaves and areas where the insects are present. 

⚠️For prevention or mild cases: Spray once a week; For severe cases: Spray every three days.

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