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Why do fruits develop cracks (fruit cracking issue)?

Why do fruits develop cracks (fruit cracking issue)?

Fruit cracking is usually caused by two main factors. First is due to weather conditions. If there is prolonged dryness and then sudden frequent rainfall during the rapid fruit expansion phase, it can lead to a rapid increase in fruit moisture. The fruit pulp cells expand quickly, while the fruit peel, which is often already aged, expands more slowly due to the limitation of the cuticle layer. This imbalance in expansion can result in the fruit pulp rupturing the fruit peel.

Secondly is due to nutritional imbalance. The deficiency of phosphorus, potassium, and calcium during fruit growth has the greatest impact on fruit cracking. When certain elements are excessive while others are low in concentration, the risk of fruit cracking increases. Calcium deficiency and potassium excess are among the most common causes. Furthermore, calcium deficiency or potassium excess during the later stages of crop growth can lead to fruit cracking. Additionally, both drought and excessive watering can affect calcium uptake, resulting in fruit cracking. 

The affected fruits cannot recover. Here are some actions you can take to reduce the occurrence of fruit cracking. You may apply an appropriate amount of fertilizer based on the plant's needs during its growth stages to ensure sufficient nutrient uptake. Additionally, spray Mr Ganick 8 in 1 Plant Energizer once a week to supplement calcium and other micronutrients and promote plant health. 


When using, please note to: 

1. Shake the bottle before use.

2. Use it in the morning (avoid using it when hot sun).

3. Spray once a week. It is suitable to spray on the trunk or foliage of the plant.

⚠️For prevention or mild cases: Apply once a week; for severe cases: Apply once every 3 days. 


1. Trim and discard affected fruits to prevent the spread and impact on other fruits.

2. Spray Mr. Ganick 8 in 1 360 Plant Energizer once a week in the morning. It contains various micronutrients, including the necessary calcium for plants.

**It is recommended to provide sufficient calcium fertilizer during the plant’s growth period.

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