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Papaya tree ringspot virus disease

Papaya tree ringspot virus disease

Papaya infected with 'Ringspot Virus' exhibit symptoms such as the yellowing and shrinking of new leaves, which develop brown spots and embedded patterns after unfolding. Long, streak-shaped oily spots appear on the leaf stalks and tips of young stems. Infected plants may become stunted and show difficulty in flowering and fruiting. If the virus infects the fruit after it has formed, the fruit may become deformed, displaying concentric circular patterns.

The 'Ringspot Virus' is transmitted through pests, such as aphids and thrips, which bite the leaves and spread the virus. Ringspot Virus is generally a difficult-to-treat viral disease, often relying on the plant's own resistance. What we can do is reduce the chances of transmission to other trees or infection of new leaves.

Recommended practices include pruning off severely infected leaves (with many yellow spots). After that, apply Baba compost-based fertilizer (approximately 3 kg) around the papaya tree periphery every two weeks for two consecutive sessions.

Besides, you can also spray Mr Ganick Aphid Buster + Mr Ganick Virus Preventer to control pests and reduce virus transmission. You may apply this treatment once a week (2ml Aphid Buster + 3ml Virus Preventer + 1L water), continue for 3-4 weeks.

Please note to ensure timely fertilization of the plant to allow sufficient nutrient absorption for recovery and health. (Click here to refer "How to fertilize fruit tree") 

⚠️ How to determine if Ringspot Virus disease is under control? Simply observe the newly grown leaves; if they show no symptoms of Ringspot Virus, the situation is likely under control.

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