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How to fertilize fruit trees?

How to fertilize fruit trees?

How to grow vegetables and fruits at home to be plump and nutritious? Why are the vegetables and fruits I planted aging so fast, and I can't harvest crops continuously?

Did you know that we need to apply different fertilizers at different times? Besides, the use of fertilizers is also very specific, not just grabbing a handful and spreading them randomly. For fruit trees, it requires two types of fertilizers: high N organic fertilizer and high P and K organic fertilizer.

Before fruiting, you may apply "Mr Ganick 258 Organic Fruit Tree Fertilizer" every month to promote flowering and fruiting. 

After the first harvest, you can alternate between applying "Mr Ganick 532 Organic Leafy Fertilizer" and "Mr Ganick 258 Organic Fruit Tree Fertilizer" every month. This will help the tree grow healthy and vigorous. 

If the fruit tree is unhealthy (dropping flowers, dry branches) or after pruning, it is recommended to supplement with Baba Compost Base Fertilizer. 

Fertilizing tips:

  1. Apply fertilizers once a month (approximately 500 grams - 1 kilogram).

  2. Before applying, loosen the topsoil, dig holes around the fruit tree, sprinkle the fertilizer, and then cover with soil. This will help the plants absorb the nutrients more effectively!

Tips for growing fruit trees and achieving abundant harvests:

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