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Mr Ganick 258 Organic Fruit Tree Fertilizer (1KG)


Product Description:
Mr Ganick 258 Organic Fruit Tree Fertilizer

Content: 1kg

  • Bigger Juicier & Sweeter Fruits
  • Fortified with natural mineral



Target area : Fruit trees, flowers, vegetables

Major ingredients : Composed of various seed meal (rapeseed, sesame and copra meal), organic potassium (plant ash) and plant based material. Does not contain animal manures.

Usage instruction : Mix with soil before planting or use as fertilizer throughout planting process

Small tips for fertilizing : 
1. Fertilizing your plants once a week one handful
2. Before fertilizing, loosening the soil by cultivator, digging a hole sprinkle with fertilizer, then cover with soil.  The nutrients can be absorbed by plants faster.

Results :