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Baba Sup Sup Water Vege Mix - Package 2

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Description: Baba Sup Sup Water - Package 2

Package includes:
1. 2x Baba Sup Sup Water Fertilizer-free Organic Vege Mix (28L)

Free :
1. Baba Seedling Soil (0.5L)
2. Baba Seedling Pot (1 x 12)

The great benefits of 【💧Sup Sup Water Fertilizer-Free Vege Mix】:

  • Effectively improve soil structure, form a good growing environment, and improve soil fertility.
  • Maintain the optimal soil pH range between pH 6-7 to allow the plants to quickly absorb the nutrients of fertilizer.
  • Contains balanced nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, boron, and a variety of minor elements, supply organic fertilizer for the long-term (at least 90 days).
  • High content of soil organic matter and great aeration to keeping the soil fluffy yet water-retaining, advance the development of the root system.
  • Enhance the plant metabolism and promote photosynthesis.
  • Effectively harness beneficial bacteria, protect the plant roots and resist the invasion of pathogens.
  • Inhibit the reproduction of harmful microorganisms and produce beneficial substances to control various plant diseases.