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[PRE-ORDER] Farmer Pack - Mr Ganick Organic Molluscicide (25KG)

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**The product is intended to be use for professional farmers and conventional farming. For  household users, please use according to instructions with cautious and adequate expertise.

⚠️Before placing an order, please note that:

- [PRE-ORDER] Products will be shipped out within 7-14 working days. 

- [For East Malaysia order] Please contact customer service for special shipping rate.


Product Description: Mr Ganick Organic Molluscicide

Content: 25kg

  • Reduce snail population


Target Area : All types of snails

Major Ingredient : Natural Camellia Seed Meal

General Usage Instruction:

Usage 1: Apply product at snail paths or around plants at recommended rates and water lightly. Apply more frequently if needed.


Application Rate

Vegetable bed

200gm – 500gm per 100ft2

Lotus Pot

10gm – 30gm per 300mm pot


Usage 2: Soak 50gm (about 1 handful) of Organic Molluscicide with 10L water for at least 1 hour. Filter out residue and spray solution directly at snails or areas affected by snails, vegetables and / or fruits trees.

Precaution :

  • Store at cool places. Do no eat.
  • Saponin content in product may affect fishes or earthworms. Avoid application near fish ponds. Do not bury in soil.
  • Application may encourage growth of white mold that help break down organic matter into fertilizer

Results :