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[PRE-ORDER] Farmer Pack - Mr Ganick 18-in-1 Platinum Fertilizer Amino Long N+ (25kg)

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**The product is intended to be use for professional farmers and conventional farming. For  household users, please use according to instructions with cautious and adequate expertise.

⚠️Before placing an order, please note that:

- [PRE-ORDER] Products will be shipped out within 7-14 working days. 

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Product Description: Mr Ganick 18 in 1 Platinum Fertilizer Amino Long N+

Content: 25kg

  • Long term nutrient release for crops
  • Healthier growth of fruit tree leaves

N> 10%

Organic NPK >13%

N : P : K = 12 : 1 : 1

Humic acid + Fulvic acid + Amino acid + Sulphur> 23%

Nutrient release: 45-90 days


Target area : Vegetables, Fruit trees, Ornamental flowers.

Major ingredients : Plant residue material, Natural rock mineral

Usage instruction : 


Application Rate

Application Method


0.5-1.0kg per 100ft2

Apply evenly and mix into the soil for better efficacy.

Fruit trees

Vegetative growth period: 

Young tree: 40gm-200gm

Adult tree: 500gm

Apply evenly around the root circles of fruit trees, cover with soil or dry leaves.

Ornamental flowers

320-400gm per 100ft2

Apply evenly and mix into the soil during bed preparation. Sow the seeds or transplant the seedlings during the next day of application.