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[PRE-ORDER] Farmer Pack- Mr Ganick Organic VITAALL+ (1L/ 4L/ 10L)

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**The product is intended to be use for professional farmers and conventional farming. For  household users, please use according to instructions with cautious and adequate expertise.

⚠️Before placing an order, please note that:

- [PRE-ORDER] Products will be shipped out within 7-14 working days. 

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Product Description: Mr Ganick Organic VITAALL+ (1L/ 4L/ 10L)

Content: 1L/ 4L/ 10L

Function & Specification

  • Supplement boron, zinc, iron and manganese to improve fruit quality
  • Improve the quality of harvest and keep fresh period and prolong the life
  • Reduces the physiological defects of trace element deficiency (occurring in new leaves)
  • Suitable for acidic soil, such as Gambut planting land
  • Zinc: Prevent new leaf lobular disease, enhance photosynthesis
  • Copper: Activates enzymes and promotes pollen germination and pollen tube elongation
  • Manganese: Activates biological enzymes 
  • Iron: Increase new leaf chlorophyll, prevent new leaf yellowing and bleaching
  • Boron: Enhances nutrient transport of fruit

Composition & Nutrition

  • OMRI-Listed Pro-Series VitaMix+ & VitaTE+
  • Micro-Amino Acids with natural source or extract of trace elements (TE)
  • N 1.8 -P 0.2 -k 0.1 Amino Acid: > 15%
  • Zn 1.5 - Fe 1.5 - Mn 1.5 - Cu 1.5 - Bo 0.1
Application method
  • Shake before use to make the contents even
  • Dilution (foliar spraying)
  • 1L water + 1ml-2ml VITAALL+// 20L water + 15ml-40ml VITAALL+