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Mr Ganick Organic Cat/ Dog Repellent (500ml)

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Function & Specification:

Made of natural plant essences, safe and non-toxic. Use with total peace of mind, safe for children, skin and pet.

Usage instruction: Shake well before use & spray from 1 meter distance.

Best usage times: 

1. Spray once a week. Reapply only when needed. 
2. Spray for 7 days continuously. Reapply only when needed. 


1. Before using the spray, please do not spray it directly on pets as it may cause discomfort to them.
2. Keep it out of the reach of young children and store it in a cool, dry place.
3. Avoid spraying directly on the face or sensitive areas of pets.
4. Due to the variations in cats and dogs as well as different training methods, we do not guarantee its effectiveness on all cats and dogs.