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Farmer Pack- Mr Ganick Bamboosa Extract (Concentrated)

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**In order to assure the effectiveness of the product, this product is only suitable for large-scale farming, not recommend for household use.

Product Description: Mr Ganick Bamboosa Extract (Concentrated)

Content: 4L

Mode of Action
Contain variety of organic acid for boosting plant health & recovery

✔️Maintain plant health
✔️Improve immunity against pathogen
✔️Accelerate composting or fermentation to reduce odour

Application Instruction
Shake before use to ensure mixing well

General Usage Instruction:

 Every 10 Litter of Water Situation
10ml per 10L water Improve seed germination
20ml per 10L water  Accelerate fermentation
30ml per 10L water Protect from disease and pest
40-50ml per 10L water Maintain plant health to enhance immunity against disease & pest
100ml per 10L water Soil irrigation to reduce soilborne pathogen

*Store at a cool place