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🎁Grab a Free Gift when purchase of RM50 on Mr. Ganick's products! *while stock last
🎁Grab a Free Gift when purchase of RM50 on Mr. Ganick's products! *while stock last

[PRE-ORDER] Farmer Pack- Mr Ganick Scale Ex Lite Concentrated

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RM112.90 - RM305.00
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**In order to assure the effectiveness of the produt, this product is only suitable for large-scale farming, not recommend for household use.

Product Description: Mr Ganick Scale Ex Lite (Concentrated)

Content: 4L/ 10L/ 20L

⚡Contact insecticide that adheres to respiratory organs of pest resulting in suffocation.


Target Area : Act as contact insecticide which sticks on scale insects, covers their respiratory organs and prevents pests’ gaseous exchange process

Major Ingredients: Skin-grade aromatic oil (60%)

Application Methods ;

• Shake the content to get a uniform white mixture before dilution.

• Recommended for application during evening.Do not apply when surrounding temperatures exceed 32°C.

• Never leave the spray mix to stand for longer than 10 minutes. If this happens, stir vigorously before resuming application.

• For most crops, it is recommended that spraying is repeated at intervals of 7 to 10 days each until there is no sign of pests.

• Do not mix with calcium-magnesium-boron foliar fertilizer, powdery chemical fungicide (containing sulfur or heavy metals) etc.


Volume (L/ha)

For Every Litter of Water

General  Preventive measure

10,000 – 14,000

1.25 ml - 2 ml Scale Ex lite

Serious outbreak

10,000 – 14,000

2 ml- 5ml  Scale Terminator

Applied on the fruit skin
(phytotoxic preventer)
10,000 – 14,000 Above recommended rate + 1gm
Pro Series VitAMIN+


Result :