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[PRE-ORDER] Farmer Pack - Mr Ganick Pro Series VitAMIN+ (1KG)

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**In order to assure the effectiveness of the product, this product is only suitable for large-scale farming, not recommend for household use.

⚠️Before placing an order, please note that:

- [PRE-ORDER] Products will be shipped out within 7-14 working days. 

- [For East Malaysia order] Please contact customer service for special shipping rate.


Product Description: Pro Series VitAMIN+

Content: 1kg

  • Faster crop growth, better resistance, anti-stress


Major Ingredient : Micro-Amino Acids & Peptides (Non-GMO). Nitrogen content: 13.5% 

Usage Instruction : 

Situation   Application method
Foliar spray
8.5-20gm per 10L water, every 10-14 days

800gm per acre, every 10-14 days

Mixture Mixable with most common pesticides, micronutrients and hydroponics fertilizer

Main Benefits

Better Growth
Promotes formation of protein complex and new cells within the crops and promotes uptake of N nutrition.

Treatment and prevention of leaf chlorosis & nutrient deficiency, in mixture with salts or chelates.

Soil Conditioner 

Activator of soil microflora, mineralization & nutrient uptake, improving soil structure.

Better resistance against adverse environmental conditions and elements such as drought, flooding, nematodes, viral and fungal diseases, pesticide or herbicide phytotoxicity especially during transplant, trimming or grafting. 


  •  Zip the packaging after usage.
  • Store at cool places. Do not eat.