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[PRE-ORDER] Farmer Pack - Mr Ganick Pro Series VitaCa+ (1KG)

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**The product is intended to be use for professional farmers and conventional farming. For  household users, please use according to instructions with cautious and adequate expertise.

⚠️Before placing an order, please note that:

- [PRE-ORDER] Products will be shipped out within 7-14 working days. 

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Product Description: Mr Ganick Pro Series VitaCa+ (1KG)

Content: 1kg

  • Mitigate fruit drops, cracked fruits, blossom end rot


Major Ingredient : 
Micro-Amino Acids with natural calcium source 
Nitrogen content: 4.8% w/w
Calcium content: 11.5% w/w

Usage Instruction


Application method

Foliar Spray

10 - 30gm per 10L water, every 10-14 days




Mixable with most commonly used liquid fertilizer, insecticides, acaricides

Should not be applied with highly-alkaline substances, growth retardants and herbicides.

Main Benefits

Improves fruit fullness and crunchiness. 

Treats calcium deficiency that causes symptoms like blossom end rot, splitting fruit, fruit drop or basal stem rot of vegetables.

Enhances the formation and thickening of cell walls, to reduce the invasion of sucking insects and increase resistance towards disease. 


  • Zip the packaging after usage
  • Store at cool places. Do not eat.