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Baba Smart Grow Seed: VE-078 Roselle

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Item Code : VE-078

Product Description : Roselle

Quantity : +/- 30 seeds

Maturity : 180 days

Seed Sowing Guide

1️⃣Fill up the seedling pot with seedling soil, poke a hole from the soil with a finger, pour 1 seed into the hole and then covered with a thin layer of soil.

2️⃣Place the seedling pots under the shade, watering once a day in the morning. The seeds would be germinated within 7-15 days after that move the seedling pots to the place which expose to sunlight (no direct sunlight).

3️⃣When the seedlings grow 3- 4 true leaves, may thin out excess seedlings (remove weak and crowded seedlings). Prepare to transplant the seedlings into a planting pot with a depth of 40cm or more, leave at least 45cm gap for each plant.

4️⃣Top dressed with Mr Ganick 532 Organic Leafy Fertilizer weekly for bigger and healthier leaves; During the blossom period, switch to Mr Ganick 258 Organic Fruit tree Fertilizer for bigger and fuller harvest. Put the fertilizer 10-15cm away from the plant, cover with soil, watering after fertilization.

5️⃣Ready to be harvested after 150-180 days from transplant.

Harvest Tips: 

✅Roselle is easy to attract pests, may apply Mr Ganick Scale Terminator in the evening after watering, in order to repel insect, twice a week.

✅Roselle is a multiple harvested crop, can be long-term harvest