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Baba Smart Grow Seed: VE-071 Aromatic Basil

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Item Code : VE-071

Product Description : Aromatic Basil

Quantity : +/- 2 gm

Maturity : 50 days


🌱 Seedling

1️⃣Fill up the seedling tray or seedling pots with Baba Seedling Soil. Use a finger to gently make 2-3 small holes, put in seeds and cover with a thin layer of soil.

2️⃣During seedling stage, put under shaded area and make sure to water thoroughly daily. When there is sprouting, move it to an area with direct sunlight.

♥♥ Extra Tip: Before putting in seeds into soil or before transplant, you may want to water the seedling mix or potting mix first. This is to ensure the potting mix gets enough moisture and prevent the plants from getting dehydrated.

You may store the remaining seeds in a refrigerator for future planting, or mix them into a drink or dessert.


1️⃣When the seedling grows 6-8 leaves (around 10-13 days after germination), the seedling is ready for transplant.

2️⃣Prepare a pot of suitable size, such as Baba 206 Flower Pot, Baba 529 Planter Box, Baba 509 Planter Box (minimum depth is 15cm).

3️⃣Fill up the planting pot with Baba Yasa-I Soil, and make holes to prepare for transplant. Maintain a 20-30cm distance between each hole.

4️⃣Take out the seedling from seedling pots, and put into the hole. Press gently on surrounding soil, to help the seedling stay firm. Keep one seedling in one hole for better harvest.


1️⃣Put Mr. Ganick 532 Organic Leafy Fertilizer on the 7th day after transplant. After that, repeat fertilizing every week for a month.

2️⃣Draw a line between vegetables, or dig a small hole beside vegetables, and put in Mr. Ganick 532 Leafy organic leafy fertilizer, cover the fertilizer with a thin layer of soil.

3️⃣Water after done fertilizing.


1️⃣Moisture is important for Aromatic Basil. Make sure the soil stays moist and water it when needed.

2️⃣Thorough watering every morning is recommended.

Harvest Tips

1️⃣Your Aromatic Basil is ready for harvest when the plants are slightly larger, or around 50 days or more from the 1st day of planting.

2️⃣When harvesting, top-pinch the plant and harvest from the terminal bud, and the lateral buds will continue to grow.

3️⃣Use scissors to harvest from the stems and leaves. Allow the young leaves to continue to grow.

♥♥ Extra Tip: Harvest Aromatic Basil before flowering, as the scent of the leaves will decrease after flowering.