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Baba Smart Grow Seed: FR-203 Cockscomb

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Item Code : FR-203

Product Description : Cockscomb

Quantity : +/- 50 seeds

Maturity : 50 - 60 days


Seed Sowing Guide

1️⃣Fill up the seedling pot with seedling soil, poke a hole on the soil with a finger, pour 2-3 seeds into the hole and cover with a thin layer of soil.

2️⃣Place the seedling pot under shade, water once a day in the morning. The seeds will germinate within 3-7 days, after which the seedling pot should be moved to a place with moderate indirect sunlight (avoid direct sunlight).

3️⃣When the seedlings grow 3-4 true leaves, they are ready for transplant into a flower pot. Keep a 5-10cm distance between plants.

4️⃣Top-dress with Mr Ganick 549 Organic Flower Bloom Fertilizer weekly. You may put the fertilizer in the middle of the gap between two plants, cover with soil, and water after fertilization.

5️⃣Your seedlings are expected to flower in 50-60 days from the transplanting date.

Planting Tips: 

🌼 Plant requires a lot of sunshine