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🎉 Baba Grand Launching 🎉

"Sup Sup Water” Fertilizer-Free Vege Mix

Organic Vege Mix that needs no fertilizer and only requires water to become nutritious.Specially designed for leafy vegetables
"Sup Sup Water” Fertilizer-free Vege Mix that could overturn your understanding of potting soil.

Ms. A💬: 🙀 I forgot to fertilize my vegetables again
Mr. B💬: 😓 I am lazy to fertilize and I don’t know what is the proper way to fertilize
Ms. C💬: "Is there any soil that doesn't need to be fertilized?!" 😭 😭 😭

All the while Baba has always received these feedbacks from many plantsmen:
They often forget to fertilize because they are always fully occupied with work and housework.
It's really hard to keep this fertilizing task in mind, thus always ended up with... 🥬 Small and unattractive vegetables. 🥺

Baba has developed this leafy vegetable mix that does not need any fertilizer for you!

Baba  "Sup Sup Water” Fertilizer-Free Vege Mix
A soil that is even more compatible with a lazy person's lifestyle than the Baba Lazy Soil, it's absolutely suitable for you to grow lefty vegetables

Use【💧"Sup Sup Water" Fertilizer-Free Vege Mix】to grow vegetables 🥬

✅  Only requires water 
  No need to fertilize  
  Effectively reduce pests
  Highly yield 3 rounds of produce

️ Rich in natural probiotics - healthy and organic vege mix
️ Fulfilled Malaysia and U.S. IFOAM Standard for Organic Production and Processing
🌳 Whole plant formula, free of animal and insect excrement
👩‍💼 Suitable for beginners or office workers, just water it every day
👍 Harvest 3 rounds of fertilization-free produce (Around 90 days), and the vegetables are still healthy

💧Sup Sup Water Fertilizer-Free Vege Mix】contains of organic probiotics that can grow and multiply in the soil.
Continuously providing full nutrition for your leafy vegetables! You can always harvest healthy and plump vegetables without any fertilizer!

💧 All you have to do is just water it every day, "wet" the soil and then harvest healthy organic vegetables!
Not to forget you will save a lot of money with 3 rounds of fertilization-free produce. 💰

After 3 rounds of crop yields (Around 90 days), add on a refill pack to plant 3 more rounds again!!!

🥬  To ensure the activities of probiotics, every packet of fertilizer-free vege mix is freshly made.
We are committed to delivering the freshest one to your doorstep, making your journey of planting leafy vegetables easier...

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