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Farmer Pack-Mr Ganick Scale Terminator Concentrated (1L/4L)

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Product Description: Mr Ganick Scale Terminator (Concentrated)

Content: 1L or 4L 

  • Reduce scale insect population


Target Area : Act as contact insecticide which sticks on scale insects, covers their respiratory organs and prevents pests’ gaseous exchange process

Major Ingredients : Cosmetic Grade Mineral Oil (75%)

Application Methods : 

  • Recommended for application during evening. Do not apply when surrounding temperatures exceed 32°C.
  • Never leave the spray mix to stand for longer than 10 minutes. If this happens, stir vigorously before resuming application. 
  • For most crops, it is recommended that spraying is repeated at intervals of 7 to 10 days each until no sign of pests. 
  • Do not mix oils with incompatible chemicals such as sulfr, captan, carbaryl, chlorothalonil, dinocap, folpet, binapacryl, oxythioquinox, propargite, dimethoate, and foliar fertilizers with high amounts of sulfur to avoid phytotoxicity. 



Volume (L/ha)

For Every Litter of Water

Red scale and other hard scales

Young Stages

10,000 – 14,000

10ml Scale Terminator


10,000 – 14,000

10ml Scale Terminator

Greenhouse Thrips

5,000 – 8,000

2.5-5ml Scale Terminator (Multiple low concentration spray)

Soft scales

8,000 – 10,000

10ml Scale Terminator


5,000 – 8,000

7ml Scale Terminator
(Single spray)
2.5-5ml Scale Terminator
(Multiple low concentration spray)

Citrus leafminer


2.5-5ml Scale Terminator
(Multiple low concentration spray)


Result :