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Grow Leafy Vegetable at Home in Summer!

Grow Leafy Vegetable at Home in Summer!

How to grow leafy vegetables at home in Summer? It's actually quite easy to grow leafy vegetables at home! With just these 4 easy steps, leafy vegetables are ready to grow! Planting beginner also do not have to worry about learning, You can apply this planting tips when planting, as long as it is leafy vegetables! 


☀️You need:  

  • Seedling pot
  • Seedling mix 
  • Vege seeds
  • Fertilizers
  • Pesticides
  • Yasa-i Vege soil
  • Yasa- Vege Tray

🌱What to do? 

  1. Fill up the seedling pots with seedling soil. Use finger gently make a small hole, put in 2-3 seeds and cover with a thin layer of soil.
  2. During seedling stage, put under shaded area and make sure water thoroughly daily.  
  3. When there is a sprout (around 10-14 days after germination), fill up Yasa-i Vege Tray with Yasa-I soil to get ready for transplant.
  4. Draw the line with distance around 12cm apart and poke the holes for one index finger depth and holes distance with around 12cm as well. 
  5. Press the bottom of seedling tray to take out the seedlings and place them inside the holes in Yasa-i Vege Tray.
  6. You may fertilize the plant with 532 Leafy Vegetable Fertilizer once a week one handful.
  7. After around 25 days, leafy plant is ready to harvest. 

📌Things to take note: 

  • For pest (such as caterpillar or moth larvae) prevention, recommend to use organic neem like Dr Neem. These pests do not like the smell and appetite will be affected. Spray once a week during late evening.

💡Recommended tools to grow Leafy Vegetable: 

👍Leafy Vegetable Bundle Package

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