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4 Tips of Making Compost - Baba E Shop

4 Tips of Making Compost

Tips 1 : Choosing the right compost bin.
The right compost bin should contain:
1. Filter net and tap at the bottom
2. Cover lid
Filter net will separate excessive water from compost . While , the tap will depose the water from the bin to keep the cleanliness . The water should be depose regularly to avoid bad odor . The water can mixed with clean water with 1:100 ratio and used as fertilizer . The cover lid can keep the moisture of the compost . However , you should leave some gap between the lid and bin to ensure aeration .
Tips 2 : Compost materials
There are a lots of materials in daily life that can be used to make compost . For example , food waste , fallen leaves , weed , tea residue and etc.
The compost material should be made of green materials and brown materials with 1:1 ratio.
The example of green materials are green leaves, chopped grass, vegetables and flowers.
The example of brown materials are dried leaves , branches and newspaper.
Tips 3 : food waste treatment
If using food waste as compost ingredients , you should chopped the waste into pieces before making compost . As it will help the waste to be decompose more effectively .
Tips 4 : Materials should be avoided

Bones , egg shell and acidic fruits should be avoid to be used as ingredient in making compost. These 2 ingredients are difficult to be decompose.
While , acidic fruits and peels will increase the acidity of the compost and attract bugs.
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