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Farmer Pack- Mr Ganick 258 Furit Tree Fertilizer (20KG)


Product Description:
Mr Ganick 258 Organic Fruit Tree Fertilizer

Content: 20kg

  • Bigger Juicier & Sweeter Fruits
  • Fortified with natural mineral



Target area : Fruit trees, flowers,vegetables

Major ingredients : Composed of various seed meal (rapeseed, sesame and copra meal), organic potassium (plant ash) and plant based material. Does not contain animal manures.

Made from natural ingredients, with no animal dung and no chemical fertilizers.

Recommended Rates: 

Crops Application Rate Application Method
Fruits Tress Fruiting Period : 3-12kg per tree or 800gm-4.0kg per 100ft2 Apply evenly around the root circles of fruit trees, cover with soil or dry leaves.
Ornamental Flowers 500gm-2kg per 100ft2 Apply evenly and mix into soil

Results :