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Farmer Pack- Mr Ganick 258 Furit Tree Fertilizer (20KG)

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Product Description:
Mr Ganick 258 Organic Fruit Tree Fertilizer

Content: 20kg

  • Bigger Juicier & Sweeter Fruits
  • Fortified with natural mineral



Target area : Fruit trees, flowers,vegetables

Major ingredients : Plant residue meal, animal meal, fully-fermented compost, organic rock minerals, humic & fulvic acid, good microbes attractant. 


  •  Avoid being eating
  • If white mould is found on fertilizer, please note that it is a type of activated beneficial microbe and is safe to use

Made from natural ingredients, with no animal dung and no chemical fertilizers.

Recommended Rates: 

Crops Application Rate Application Method
Fruits Tress Fruiting Period : 3-12kg per tree or 800gm-4.0kg per 100ft2 Apply evenly around the root circles of fruit trees, cover with soil or dry leaves.
Ornamental Flowers 500gm-2kg per 100ft2 Apply evenly and mix into soil

Results :