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Melon & Beans Home Package - VE-017 F1 Extreme Yield Red Chili


Description: Melon & Beans Home Package

Grow your own food at home!

Package include :
1. Baba Organic Vegimix Soil (7L) x 2 packs
2. Baba TN-3471-A Flower Pot 
3. Baba Seedling Soil (0.5L)
4. Baba 55 Seedling Pot x 2 units
5. Mr Ganick 532 Organic Leafy Fertilizer (400G) 
6. Mr Ganick 426 Organic Melon Vegetable Fertilizer (400G) 
7. VE-017 F1 Extreme Yield Red Chili


Package contains of :

Baba Organic Vegimix (7L) x 2 Baba TN 3471-A Flower Pot



Baba Seedling Soil (0.5L) + 55 Pot (1X2) Mr Ganick 532 Leafy Organic Fertilizer (400G)



Mr Ganick 426 Melon Vegetables Organic Fertilizer (400G) VE-017 F1 Extreme Yield Red Chili