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Check out our latest monthly highlight here! Happy Shopping🛒!

Tenen BS King Bacillus Subtilis (100G)

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Product Description:

Content: 100G

  • Prevents various fungal diseases & enhances nutrient absorption by root.


Active Ingredient: Bacillus Subtills Activated Strain  

General Usage Instruction


Application Rate (per 10 Liter water)

Application Method

Vegetables, flowers, fruit trees


Regular maintain ace or early disease stage


Apply once every one or two weeks. Foliage and soil application are recommended. Able to mix with chemical fertilizer & pesticide



  • As biological pesticide, please apply in advance before disease emerge or according to the weather condition by certain disease. Apply with surfactant (organic oil) for better efficacy.
  • Non-chemical pesticide content, PHI=0 days
  • Suitable to used in GAP or organic farming
  • Improves the microbiological properties of the soil, and improves the plant’s resistance against disease; also makes the plants’ leaves greener.
  • The remnants of this fungicide can be absorbed by plants as leafy nutrients


  • Please avoid long transportation and storage under hot weather.
  • Please avoid storage under direct sunlight or high temperature.
  • Please seal the package properly after use the preserve product efficacy.