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Farmer Pack- Mr Ganick Super Margosa Concentrated (1L)

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Product Description: Mr Ganick Super Margosa (Concentrated)

Content: 1L

  • Pest die of skin dehydration



Target Area : Disrupt pest’s cellular membrane, caused dehydration and die

Major ingredients : Potassium Oleate (285g/L)

Application Methods : 

  • Recommended for application during evening. Do NOT apply when surrounding temperatures exceed 32 °C.
  • For most crops, it is recommended that spraying is repeated at intervals of 7 to 10 days each until no sign of pests.

General Usage Instruction : 


For Every Litter of Water

General preventative measures


Serious pest outbreak

4ml – 5ml

*It is generally more effective to apply high spray volumes at lower rates regularly than to apply higher rates using lower spray volumes.
*Store at cool place

Results :